Gi-720 Stamping

Fastener Sorting System










  • Size: 192″ x 60″ x 84″   1600lbs
  • Rates: Up to 800 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 2mm-35mm
  • Part Length Range: 4mm-165mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

This high-speed inspection machine uses a single conveyor and standard eight proprietary vision cameras to detect dimensional and surface defects at inspection rates up to 800ppm. This Multi-View system provides 360o part coverage, 16 images (8 Front-lit and 8 Backlit) resulting in complete dimensional and visual defect detection. Critical components are completely inspected, internal, external surface control, as well as precision measurement, sorting out the nonconforming parts on the tightest of tolerance parts.

Front lighting: The same 8 cameras providing dimensional measurements, are also detecting surface imperfections such as; Damaged threads, scratches, gouges, flakes, burrs, smears, discoloration, chips, cracks, dents, laminations, plating/coating defects and porosity.

Back lighting: Parts are transported through the Gi-720 on a conveyor, 8 cameras measure dimensional characteristics. All external part features are measured to max, min or average simultaneously or separately: Features such as lengths, diameters, radii, concentricity, straightness, and threads are measured to print specifications.

Advanced Vision sensors are optional for additional detection of such defects as missing features, cracks on the top and bottom of the part, or critical internal laminations.

For missing heat treat and plating variations, Eddy Current can be added

Inspection Criteria



Outer Diameter Cracks
Inner Diameter Porosity
Lengths Shocks
Concertricity Grind Marks
Roundness (ID) Chatter
Angles Dents


Optional Stations
Top/Bottom Vision Axial Viewer Internal Viewer Eddy Current Laser Topography