Gi-6v Ammunition Case Inspection System

The Gi-6v ammunition case inspection system measures small and medium caliber bullets, cases & cartridges.

Gi-6v Case Inspection System

Ammunition Inspection for Small and Medium Caliber Bullets, Cases & Cartridges

The Gi-6V is the world’s fastest and most accurate Automated Inspection Equipment for ammunition available. It is a high speed comprehensive inspection system that detects all critical defects according to MIL-STD-636 for small caliber, MIL-STD-651 for medium caliber ammunition and components.


  • Size: 96″ x 52″ x 113″, 1,500 Lbs.
  • Rates: Up to 300PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 4mm – 35mm
  • Part Length Range: 10mm – 150mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

The Premier Ammunition Case Inspection System

This system has been and continues to be implemented in factories world-wide by companies fulfilling government contracts for the military as well as companies servicing the commercial ammunition industry.

The 6V will inspect cases, projectiles and/or loaded cartridges. Employing Laser Gauging, Vision and Eddy Current technology combined with user-friendly, menu driven Windows based software this machine will measure all outside dimensions, mouth defects, primer defects, and case surface defects at a rate of 300 per minute!

Gi-6v Features

• Measures: Bullets, Cases, Cartridges
• Detects all critical defects according to MIL-STD-636
for small caliber, MIL-STD-651 for medium caliber
ammunition and components.
• Depth Vision
• Optional Eddy-Current for Metallurgical Variations
• Up to 300 Parts Per Minute
• Optional Packaging Systems

Primer Vision

Primer Vision is on axis to detect visual defects.

• Head stamp presence
• Flash hole presence 
• Primer pocket diameter
• No primer lacquer
• Missing inverted, cocked dented primers

Mouth Vision

Measures and detects defects on the mouth end, such as wall thickness, roundness and splits.

• Splits, Lip mouth, Out of round
• Measures mouth inner
• Measures outer diameter

• Mixed or damaged HPT and FMJ bullets

3D Primer Depth

Utilizes 2 cameras and a precise laser to measure primer pocket depth and anvil height.

• Primer depth defects
• Anvil height

Eddy Current

Eddy Current is used to detect missing lead cores.


Laser Gauging

Provides 360° dimensional measurements of the complete profile including fullform and length to shoulder.


• Overall length
• Case length
• Head length
• Head diameter
• Groove diameter
• Mouth outside diameter
• Mouth inside diameter
• Mouth not crimped
• No chamber
• Split jacket/exposed steel
• Bulging
• Defective head
• Defective mouth
• Defective cannelure
• Upset point
• Virtual full form gauging

SD Vision

Has 4 cameras with special lighting used to detect stains, discoloration, and scratches. 

• Stains
• Discoloration
• Scratches on parts
• Scaly metal
• Draw scratches

Case Vision web

Case Vision

Is a series of 8 cameras dedicated to detecting visual defects in accordance with Mil-Std-636.


• Dents
• Scratches
• Acid burn
• Perforations
• Taper folds
• Wrinkles
• Splits
• Buckles

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For the past 25 years General Inspection LLC has been helping ammunition manufacturers around the world reduce their parts per minute defect levels to almost zero with our Automated Ammunition Inspection Equipment (AIE). Schedule your DEMO of the Gi-6v today.

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