Ammunition Inspection System


The Gi-720 is designed to accommodate small and medium caliber cases and cartridges.


  • Size: 192″ x 72″ x 84″  1600lbs
  • Rates: Up to 500 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 2mm- 40mm
  • Part Length Range: 4mm – 175mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

This high speed Automated Inspection Equipment (AIE) ammunition system uses a series of eight advanced proprietary vision systems to detect defects. This Multi-View system provides images from all around the part for greater than 360o coverage.  16 images (8 Frontlit and 8 Backlit) from the eight cameras give an ability to measure all dimensions and find visual defects (like cracks, laminations, draw scratches, porosity, etc…).

Backlit Lighting

Provides measurement of dimensional characteristics. Has the ability to measure max, min or average, simultaneously or separately: radii, concentricity, straightness, head space, length to shoulder, over all lengths,  tapers etc.

Front Lighting

The same 8 cameras providing dimensional measurements, are also detecting surface imperfections such as; draw scratches, gouges, burrs, smears, discoloration, cracks, dents and lamination’s.

Optional Stations

Primer Vision

Internal Viewer

Mouth Vision

3D Primer Depth

Eddy Current

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