Automated Reclamation and Inspection System (ARIS)

Automated Reclamation and Inspection System (ARIS) is a machine that reclaims mixed aerospace fasteners through multiple VisionLab automated 100% dimensional and visual inspection systems. The system sorts, classifies and packages mixed components so they can be placed back in inventory eliminating waste and positively effecting the bottom line.

Dimensional and Visual Inspection Systems for Aerospace


ARIS incorporates multiple VisionLab inspection systems with patented sensing technology: top, bottom, side and internal cameras provide the highest measurement accuracy as well as the finest visual defect detection. Automatic part identification from dimensions and color for part classification.


Accepted components are transferred to one of 40 accept bins (size and quantity of bins configurable based on need). Single part bin location or part kitting can be accomplished, user configurable and saved based on each application.


Non-conforming components are rejected to a single reject conveyor. Optionally, the rejected parts can be segregated by defect type into separate reject containers.


Each bin when full opens to a bottom conveyor that transfers the individual components or kitted components to a bagging station. The components are then bagged, sealed and labeled.

How Long Does It Take To Program?

A data transfer process for automatic inspection criteria for both dimensions and visual inspection tolerances makes programming instantaneous. Typical applications include over 20,000 part numbers.

Where Do The Inspected Parts Go?

After parts go through inspection, individual part numbers are assigned to specific bin locations. Parts that pass the inspection criteria are transferred to the assigned bin.

Ready For Inventory

Once a bin location has reached the programmed quantity limit. The bin opens to a bottom conveyor that transports the certified parts to a bagging station. The parts are then bagged, sealed and labeled.

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