Fastener Inspection Systems

With more than 600 installations worldwide, General Inspection develops and markets high speed, 100% measuring and sorting fastener inspection systems. The equipment enables highly precise 2D and/or 3D measurements, of high volume parts and components before they are introduced into production. This will help with eliminating costly process jams and malfunctions.

Gi’s fastener inspection systems, with easy to use standard software, are leading the way toward zero defect quality. Its equipment is used by companies around the world in production and quality control, for applications including: automotive, aerospace, industrial, railway, medical and furniture manufacturing.


This high speed inspection machine uses a single conveyor and standard eight proprietary vision cameras to detect dimensional and surface defects at inspection rates up to 800ppm. This Multi-View system provides 360o part coverage, 16 images (8 Front-lit and 8 Backlit) resulting in complete dimensional and visual defect detection.



The Gi-360T is a 3-D 100% inspection machine. Precision split/narrow laser beams, multi laser velocity gauge and system 22 modeling of threads are used to accurately measure parts to print specs and tolerances. It uses 3-D information from multiple laser beams to detect defects…


The Gi- HALO bolt inspection machine, is the most budget friendly machine and uses a series of four advanced proprietary vision systems to detect defects. This Multi-View system provides images from all around the part which measures all dimensions and find visual defects (like cracks, burrs, missing or damaged threads, gouged shank, etc…)…