Axial Camera for Visual Defect Detection

The camera and lens are mounted on axis to the head of parts so there is minimal up and down adjustment required. This new technology enables the camera to “see” the side of a head, flange, or flats/corners on a hex of a bolt to detect small cracks while simultaneously detecting recess defects such as mis-formed Torx or plating build-up.

Below is an example of a seat belt bolt inspected with the Axial View Camera Lens.

Not only is more of the crack visible to make detection easier, head stamps can be masked through Gi’s software to reduce false rejects. The Axial camera system can be purchased as an option on all Gi sorting machines: Gi-100, Gi-HALO, Gi-HALO-Vib and Gi-360T.

Applications for the Axial View Camera include, but are not limited to:

  • Cracked Heads, Flange or Hex
  • Upside Down Washer
  • Defective Hex: Flats and Corners
  • Defective Recess: Mis-formed or Plating Build-up
  • Damaged Head or Flange
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Bad Plating
  • Laminations 

Major Axial Camera Advantages over Eddy-Current:

  • Fast part to part changeover < 5 mins
  • Not limited to cylindrical shapes
  • Single up/down adjustment
  • Higher inspection rates, parts don’t stop or rotate for inspection
  • No operator error due to probe positioning (false accepts)

Standard Sensor
images 1 side

Axial View
5 sides

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