Gi has unveiled the New LaserLab for measuring cylindrical parts. Manual gauges like micrometers, calipers, ring gages, thread gauges and optical comparators have been obsolete by an easy-to-use, non-contact laser-optics system.

Millions of data points taken around the part provide un-paralleled 3D measurements in a fraction of the time previously taken.

An unskilled operator simply places a part on the stage. A precision, NIST traceable calibration cone is fixed under the stage so that the laser optics calibrates the system every time a part is inspected. This way the system is kept in constant calibration and routine costly certifications are precluded.

SPC sampling and PPAP’s are done more precisely in a fraction of the time previously taken and the measurements are automatically displayed and kept on permanent record to settle possible future disputes. Operator error from insufficient skill or training is no longer a factor.

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