Gi's Inspection Systems for Bolts, Screws, Rivets & Double End Studs


The Gi- HALO bolt inspection machine, is the most budget friendly machine and uses a series of four advanced proprietary vision systems to detect defects. This Multi-View system provides images from all around the part which measures all dimensions and find visual defects (like cracks, burrs, missing or damaged threads, gouged shank, etc…)…


The Gi-360T is a 3-D 100% inspection machine. Precision split/narrow laser beams, multi laser velocity gauge and system 22 modeling of threads are used to accurately measure parts to print specs and tolerances. It uses 3-D information from multiple laser beams to detect defects…


VisionLab is the ultimate gauging and inspection solution for threaded fasteners. The system comes standard with backlighting and a smart motor controlled rotating stage.  This patented system can process 360 part profiles in less than 10 seconds providing the most accurate and repeatable dimensional inspection results.  

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