What started as a small family business in rural Davisburg, MI USA back in 1991 has now become a multi-million dollar, global manufacturing company. With customers covering 5 continents and 50+ countries, Gi is well known in multiple industries, especially the Ammunition Industry.

Ammo manufacturers know Gi as a high-tech, leading edge producer of high-speed inspection machines that designs, builds and creates solutions through R&D and homegrown software that works in harsh environments with extreme longevity (machines still running from 1993). Durability, combined with user-friendly, intuitive GUI keeps Gi the leader of the ammo inspection industry.

If you’re looking for advanced inspection capability, easy to use software and results your customers will admire and recognize, look no further than Gi. We offer a complete line of inspection solutions tailored to ammunition/ammo components and flexible to handle entire product portfolios. We are experts in 360° dimensional inspection and 360° visual defect detection, below are a few of the standard machines offered by Gi:

Gi-100DT – a glass dial table inspection machine designed for ammo case cups, primer cups, projectiles and small caliber cases. This system uses a series of advanced proprietary sensors to detect defects, measure Internal Diameter/External Diameter features as well as inspect for metallurgical anomalies. Standard front and back illuminated cameras calculate lengths, ID & OD features such as wall thickness while specialty lenses are utilized to detect internal and external visual defects such as; laminations, cracks, chips, dents and scratches. Laser options provide 3D height measurements and cup depth. Inspection rates range from 250 to 600 rounds per minute.

Gi-360T – a 3D laser gauging machine that uses multiple, precise narrow laser beams plus a laser velocity gauging station to accurately measure small and medium caliber ammunition to print specifications. In spec. ammunition cases, ammo cartridges and/or ammo projectiles are separated from defective or out of tolerance pieces at rates of 300 rounds per minute. It uses 3D data from multiple laser beams to measure profile features such as; lengths, length to shoulder, full-form, diameters, angles, radii, straightness, concentricity as well as detect damage large enough to not allow cartridges to chamber. The stand alone, turn-key system can be equipped with mouth and primer vision to measure internal diameters, concentricity and roundness as well as detect visual defects like cocked/inverted/dented primers, head stamp quality, chips and scratches.

A 3D depth sensor can be added to measure primer pocket depth. Other options include bulk loaders, automatic feeding systems and automatic packaging systems.

Gi-720 is a high-speed small and medium caliber ammunition inspection system that uses a single conveyor and eight proprietary vision cameras to detect dimensional and surface defects at inspection rates up to 400 rounds per minute. This Multi-View system provides 360° part coverage, 16 images from 8 cameras (8 backlit and 8 front-lit). The 16 images are analyzed by Gi’s advanced software algorithms to provide unmatched dimensional accuracy plus visual defect detection that exceeds specifications outlined in Mil-Std-636.

To achieve the highest level of repeatability the Gi-720 measures parts as they pass through the surrounding 8 cameras with an equal number of back lights for extremely accurate profile measurements. External part features are measured to max, min or average simultaneously or separately: Features such as lengths, length to shoulder, diameters, full-form, radii, concentricity, straightness, and other pertinent characteristics are measured to print specifications. Specific templates are created, saved and recalled for each caliber for easy changeover.

Milliseconds after measurement with back lights, the 720’s front lights trigger for the 8 cameras to provide more than 360° visual inspection. Surface imperfections such as; Dents, scratches, folds, splits, burrs, smears, discoloration, voids, cracks, laminations, coating defects, flashing and porosity are detected. The Gi-720 offers multiple chute options to separate rounds by defect type including specifying a chute for reworkable defects to cut down on scrap.

Optional primer end and mouth vision to measure diameters, roundness, concentricity and detect primer and mouth visual defects can be added. InternalView can be added to detect visual defects located on the inner diameter walls.

Gi-6v-360 is the ultimate high-speed ammunition inspection system. It uses a combination of patented laser gauging and machine vision to provide the highest dimensional measurement accuracy and the finest surface inspection in the world. The precision laser gauging station combines 16 lasers for unmatched accuracy and repeatability for all profile dimensions. In the same system up to 16 cameras provide 360° part coverage for visual defects, measuring the mouth and primer end as well as primer pocket depth. All resulting in the most complete dimensional and visual defect detection for small and medium caliber cases and cartridges.

3D laser inspection with precision split/narrow laser beams, multi laser velocity gauge accurately measures small and medium caliber cases and cartridges to print specs and tolerances; including all length and diameter callouts. It uses 3D data from multiple laser beams to detect defects such as dents and damage that cause features to be out of tolerance.

With the addition of the Multi-View Surface Inspection eight camera station spaced at 45° intervals provide full 360° surface inspection. Used to detect damage around the case circumference. Proprietary software running on dedicated vision computers analyzes part images in real-time, locates defects, and compares defect size and type with a user-definable template.

Optional primer end and mouth vision to measure diameters, roundness, concentricity and detect primer and mouth visual defects can be added. Additionally, a 3D-Depth sensor is available to measure primer pocket depth.

VisionLab: It can take hours to perform first part inspections and are typically with inaccurate results when using costly hand gauges, optical comparators that prone to human subjectivity inherent with manual inspection. The VisionLab is a 3-D gauging system that provides complete part measurements in less than 10 seconds. In addition to gauging the VisionLAB offers optional visual inspection for detecting flaws early in the process to preclude mass productions of scrap. Saving time and money.

With unparalleled accuracy and user-friendly GUI, manual inspection is a thing of the past. Ammunition producers can spend time producing instead of managing employees using manual gauges to measure parts. Ammunition cases, cartridges, cups and projectiles can all be measured to 1μ accuracy and repeatability.

Templates are created in minutes and saved in memory. They are then recalled for inspection, which takes less than 10 seconds for all programmed features plus surface inspection for visual defects.

Gi is the pioneer and global leader for ammunition inspection with 2000+ installations over the past 26 years. Let our experience and expertise lead you to unmatched quality levels on your way to ZERO DEFECTS! Contact us now to learn which systems best fit your inspection applications.

About General Inspection

General Inspection LLC manufactures a complete line of gauging, sorting, and inspection systems incorporating: Laser, eddy current, vision, and acoustic technologies for dimensional measurement, determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects. Gauging, inspection and sorting systems assure quality in product size, shape and structure. In today’s zero defect environment, the quality of your inspection technology is a critical factor in your ability to compete.
Ammunition and ammunition component manufacturers benefit from our Automated Inspection Equipment, and with far more on the line. A warfighter or police personnel must un-jam their gun with faulty ammunition, which can cost lives. The 100% inspection of ammunition ensures a gun can operate flawlessly.

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