Case Inspection System

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The Gi-360T is a 3-Dimensional, 100% ammunition inspection system. Precision split/narrow laser beams and multi laser velocity gauge are used to accurately measure cases, cartridges, bullets or projectiles to print specifications and tolerances at rates up to 300 per minute. The 360T uses 3-D information from multiple laser beams to detect defects that may occur only on one side. that may only be on one side of the part such as damaged threads.


  • Size: 66″ x 32″ x 78″, 600 Lbs
  • Rates: Up to 500 PPM
  • Part Diameter Range: 4mm – 35mm
  • Part Length Range: 10mm – 150mm
  • Power: 110v-240VAC 50-60Hz 1 Phase

User-friendly software is designed to allow operators to quickly program dimensions and tolerance of all pertinent profile features. All data is stored by part number with instant retrieval. With inspection rates up to 400 parts per minute, the 360T ensures the quickest return on investment.

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