The first Gi-360 with a Dual Feeder has been delivered to an Italian fastener manufacture. The benefit of a dual feeder is that it can run both studs and bolts, in multiple sizes, on the same machine. It requires very little change over time and reduces the cost of buying multiple machines for different part profiles. The feeder stays in place as the sorting machine is built onto rail system that allows it to  easily slide from one side of the feeder (for parts with heads) to the other (studs), then locks into place to ensure proper stability.

The Laser Gauging aspect of the Gi-360 consists of eight laser beams perpendicular to the part axis checking dimensional values of the part, such as: Missing Washer, Straightness, Thread Measurements, Damaged threads, oversized flange, Shank length, Perpendicularity, Poor corners, Undersized corners. Additional options available on a Gi-360 include Super Eddy Current and Vision stations to view the ends of the fastener.
This Gi-360 also includes a redesigned accepted parts chute to dissipate the kinetic energy of the good parts as they exit the machine. The redesigned chute also prevents the parts from hitting one another preventing damage to parts that are already in the accepted parts bin.
Defects detected plus the data provided by the Gi-360 are used to improve the manufacturing process. The results are: reduction in variation, improved profitability and delivery of zero defects.

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