Announcing: General Inspection ships out 3 LaserLabTMs to one of the world’s largest fastener manufactures

Gi has shipped out three new LaserLabTMs to one of the world’s largest fastener manufactures. Two LaserLabs will go to Illinois and one will be shipped to the manufactures Mexico plant. Each LaserLab features the patented eight (8) laser array, centering device, top tooling and magnetic stage. These features combined ensure the parts does not move, nor need to be rotated for a complete 360o dimensional inspection.

In the few seconds it takes to scan a part, all dimensions, including lengths, diameters, radii, angles, and external thread measurements are displayed, accurate to less than a few microns. Out of tolerance features are highlighted in red. A complete roster of all dimensions is displayed for entry into an excel spreadsheet. After tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number, they can be stored in memory for quick re-call when that part is to be inspected again.

The manufactures intends to place all three of these LaserLabTM units into their quality labs for first piece inspection, final audits and Ppap’s.

Contact General Inspection, LLC at 248.625.0529 or for more information regarding their latest fastener gauging technology and Instruments of LeanTM.

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