Manufacturer Elevates Quality with General Inspection's Gi-100DT Automated Inspection System (AIS)

A leading manufacturer of precision screw machine parts has recently integrated the Gi-100DT automated inspection system from General Inspection, LLC. This cutting-edge system features a total of 6 high-resolution cameras strategically positioned to provide meticulous analysis of every aspect of the manufacturer’s products at over 300 parts per minute.

The Gi-100DT boasts three dedicated cameras perfectly engineered to capture all profile features, including threads, lengths, diameters, and angles. With additional top and bottom cameras, the system ensures precise measurement of outer and inner diameters, roundness, and concentricity. Leveraging Gi’s intuitive software, parts are measured to exact print specifications, with dimensions effortlessly saved and recalled by part number for swift changeover between components.

Beyond dimensional accuracy, the Gi-100DT excels in identifying surface defects with unparalleled precision. Equipped with three supplementary cameras featuring patented optics, the system scrutinizes top, bottom, and internal surfaces for imperfections such as dents, scratches, chatter, pitting, and chips. Advanced algorithms, coupled with innovative lighting techniques, enable the detection of cracks, burrs, dents, and other damages, ensuring the highest standards of quality control.

For more information about the Gi-100DT system and its applications, please contact General Inspection at 248-625-0529 or visit

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