Eddy Current

Multiple Frequency Digital Eddy-Current

Eddy Current Option Inspection System

GI’s all digital Eddy Current Option inspection system with multiple frequencies inspects a wide range of components (coils are designed and made to specification). This system detects metallurgical defects such as cracks, seams, hardness variations, plating variations and missing external features—like grooves, chamfers and threads.

Eliminate Metallurgical Defects

Features include coils that are balanced to remove variations from environmental influences and part storage/retrieval set-up. Once a part has been scanned, it remains in memory. A digital graph and impedance plane make set-up easy and a zoom feature detects smaller variations from good to defective parts. Inspecting up to 500 parts per minute, Gi’s Eddy-Current systems eliminate metallurgical defects so you can ensure none.

Multiple Frequency System

  • Detects Metallurgical Defects
  • Balanced Coils
  • Part Storage Set-up
  • Zoom Set-Up Feature
  • Verify Heat Treatment
  • Verify Plating Presence
  • Detect Seams
  • Detect Cracks
  • Detect Mixed Material or Products

Detects seams from bad material

Detect defective plating

Automatic optimizing part separation software tool allows for quick and accurate set-up.
Detect presence of heat-treatment.

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