Pharmaceutical Automatic Sorting and Inspection

Up to 3,000 parts per minute

For All Dimensional & Visual defects

360° Full Inspection
All sides and ALL defects in ONE Pass

Small footprint only 56″ x 30″ (closed)

All Shapes & Sizes
From tablets to gel caps to soft gels, detection covers Shape, Integrity, Aspect, Coating, Printing, contamination & Engraving

Visual Defects
• Shape: diameter, length, width, thickness
• Integrity: broken, chipped, capped, laminated
• Aspect: spot, speck, color vartiation, foreign particles
• Coating: orange peel, chip, crack, speck
• Engraving: bridging, punch sticking, unreadable
• Contamination: foreign products

User friendly GUI combined with high resolution color cameras, advanced illumination and sophisticated custom algorithms provide the most accurate images and maximize defect detection capabilities.

Material Handling
Vacuum assisted drums allow 8 parts per row to be inspected for a combined total of 3,000 per minute. Servo motor control transfers each part to a second drum for opposite side inspection.

Compact Design

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