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In search of the limits in the manufacture of bolts with zero in faults The relationship between manufacturers and international suppliers encourages innovation in laser measurements as well as in the axial visual inspection technology for critical application fasteners Read Full Article Here

Critical Engine Fasteners – Pushing the Limits of Flawless Fastener Manufacturing

Check out our latest article – here’s a snippet: International manufacturer-supplier relationship spurs innovation in laser gauging and axial vision inspection technology for critical fasteners In an engine, seven types of screws out of approximately 70 are considered critical, that are crucial to achieving the engine’s specified design performance: bolts for the cylinder head, crankshaft, […]

Eliminating Defective Fasteners With Higher-Resolution, 3D Inspection Equipment

Eliminating Defective Fasteners With Higher-Resolution, 3D Inspection Equipment As manufacturers look to lightweight materials for better fuel economy, associated fastening problems necessitate zero defects through 100% inspection. From automotive, trucking and heavy equipment to aerospace, agriculture and high-volume appliance/electronics, manufacturers looking to reduce weight (or for cost savings) have turned to lightweight materials like aluminum, […]

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