A multi-country European manufacturing consortium purchased several ammunition inspection/sorting machines to inspect small caliber ammo used for military, police, and hunting applications.

After searching the world for the most technologically advanced 100% inspection systems, GI was selected for their superior patented technology and proof of performance on a wide spectrum of defective and good samples. A comprehensive testing procedure was followed to demonstrate capabilities to detect myriad of defects according to Mil Std 636 before the purchase was made.

A similar acceptance test procedure (ATP) will also be followed to verify system performance for buyoff prior to shipping.

Some of the systems purchased will inspect cases only, while the other systems will be inspecting complete cartridges.  One of the most important features of these systems is the quick and easy changeover.  Each system is equipped with modular feeding systems that can handle a wide range of sizes with minimal to no mechanical adjustment.

Proprietary Gi laser/optics are used for dimensional inspection while machine vision checks for defects like dents, splits, and mouth out of roundness, Eddy current is an option for metallurgical verification and especially detection of missing lead core in the projectile.

To be added later are several LaserLabTM models for first piece inspection and SPC sampling.

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