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Gi developed an inspection system so versatile, it’s being used across multiple industries; automotive, aerospace, ammunition, and medical, immediately solving quality issues. 

The VisionLab comes in multiple formats, VisionLab-75, VisionLab-150 and VisionLabX.  The VisionLab-75 can handle parts up to 75mm length and up to 35mm diameter.  The VisionLab-150 can handle parts up to 150mm length and 50mm diameter.  For larger sizes the VisionLabX can be custom designed to fit most applications.

Operator Load

Whether placed in a lab or on the shopfloor, VisionLab will be the most important inspection device in your quality department. First piece inspection, SPC sampling, Audits and Ppaps can be accomplished in a fraction of the time compared to manual gauges. In addition to measuring all profile characteristics, VisionLab offers optional visual defect detection on all part surfaces.

Optional Front Lighting

The VisionLab offers the unique option of adding top front lightingto illuminate the OD surface of parts to supplement the complete dimensional inspection with surface defect detection. Gi’s patented light sequencing process provides complete part coverage to ensure each detail of every part is analyzed. 

front lighting
end view

Optional End View Front Lighting

End View front lighting is added to measure and detect defects on both ends of parts. Features such as recesses, inner/outer diameters, through holes and counterbores are measured. Visual inspection such as head marking quality, damage, crimping and plating defects are measured and detected. 

Optional – Upper Tooling and Bit Staging Kit

Optional Upper Tooling for part confinement and bit kit for recess depth.
For parts with uneven ends or with a recess drive, the VisionLab can be optionally equipped with upper tooling and a bit kit. The upper tooling adjusts up and down for varying part lengths and the precision bits fit directly into the stage to match the appropriate recess drive. The precision bits are ground to a known height so the VisionLab can accurately measure recess depth.

• HARDWOOD - Bennington 661 Point


By Incorporating automation VisionLAB offers all the same functions minus requiring an operator load parts. With the addition of a part feeder and custom trays, VisionLab can be fully automated to run batches of single part numbers or it can be set-up to handle multiple parts with the ability to inspect, sort and classify.

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