When automotive part defects get through to a consumer, nobody’s happy.

The consumer is inconvenienced, having to pay with time and money to get the vehicle fixed. The OEM is dealing with the fallout of customer dissatisfaction and – if the issue is big enough – bad press.

The component supplier is experiencing fines, loss of business, and loss of reputation.

As a result of a particular defect getting through, suppliers will sometimes build their own inspection machine. Once another defect gets through, they build a second machine to check for that defect.

We have seen companies build four or five machines for a part to go through, with each machine checking for one particular defect.

What's the Problem

There are a number of risks when manufacturers build their own inspection machines.

  • First, the more you handle a part, the higher the risk of adding damage to it.
  • Second, the machines are built without extensive research and development.
  • Third, for the manufacturers themselves, building their own machines is far more expensive in the long run.

Our Solution

At General Inspection (Gi), we pride ourselves on our holistic approach. Instead of multiple machines inspecting a single part, we inspect parts for multiple defects with one machine.

Dimensional Gauging

Gi has dimensional gauging so we can measure and make sure a part is going to fit for form. 

valve seat, for example, has to sit in its pocket in a proper way. It might fit on the outside diameter, but if the inside diameter is dimensionally wrong, it will wear against the valve itself.

The same is true of a valve guide. The valve is moving up and down at outrageous speeds. If the ID of that valve guide is wrong, then it’s going to cause unnecessary friction of the engine valve stem on the valve guide ID.

Visual Defects

From the visual defects side, Gi checks for cracks, porosity, chip out, dents, and scratches. 

If visual defects aren’t caught — if parts don’t have a smooth surface that’s machined properly — the part can fail prematurely or never work in the first place. 

Why the “Easy” Solution isn’t Easy

When manufacturers opt to build their own inspection machine, the thought is that it’s cheaper and easier. After all, it will cater to exactly what they need … right?


When those machines are built, they are built without the benefit of years (and years) of research and iteration based on customer feedback. 

Then another defect pops up and the process starts all over again. The end result is a lot more money sunk into machines that are only subpar … and running parts through additional machines creates risk.

At Gi, we like to consider ourselves an insurance policy. We provide one machine that gets it all done: dimensional gauging and visual defects. 

Even better, that one, patented machine has been tested and retested to the point that it delivers zero defects.

Whether you are a manufacturer or OEM, you can’t risk not having an insurance policy like a Gi machine. To invest in one of your own, visit generalinspection.com.

About General Inspection

General Inspection LLC manufactures a complete line of gauging, sorting, and inspection systems incorporating: Laser, eddy current, vision, and acoustic technologies for dimensional measurement, determining metallurgical defects as a method for achieving zero defects. Gauging, inspection and sorting systems assure quality in product size, shape and structure. In today’s zero defect environment, the quality of your inspection technology is a critical factor in your ability to compete.

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